Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip - Now on Kickstarter!

The Ultimate Gaming Grip for the Nintendo Switch is now on Kickstarter!

We set out to create the ultimate gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch. It distributes weight to your hands like a traditional console controller so your fingers are free for better, more comfortable control. And it’s super high quality - heavy duty with a secure interface to your switch - so there’s no flex or creaks like cheaper grips.

The small switch controllers put the burden of supporting the switch on your fingers, limiting control and making the switch uncomfortable for adult hands. The Satisfye pro gaming grip is more comfortable and ergonomic. Designed in California by the founder and a team of mechanical engineers and ergonomics experts, we have worked to create the absolute best gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch.


Check Out Early Backer Rewards! One step beyond any other gaming grip. Rigid, ergonomic design places your hands in the perfect position for the Nintendo Switch