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General Support Inquiries

Our support team is 100% based in the United States and not outsourced. We are available Monday through Saturday and will respond to you no later than 48 hours. All inquiries that arrive on Sunday will be addressed within 48 hours from Monday. 

For the fastest response, we recommend using the Live Chat feature on our site. You can access Live Chat right now by clicking on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.  

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Wholesale and Distribution 

We are always looking for new ways to get our amazing products in more peoples hands. If you think you can help with that goal please feel free to reach out.

Media, Influencers & Content Creators

If you are a Writer for any media outlet or a Content Creator who would like to partner with us we would love to talk. We always have review units available on standby. We also are happy to partner via Sponsorships or our Affiliate Program.