Our Start

Innovation for gaming is in our DNA. Since the introduction of our acclaimed gaming grips with tremendous support from the gaming community in 2018, Satsifye has introduced the second gen ZenGrip series for the Switch and Switch Lite and announced the RYZE pads for all major consoles.

Satisfye is a team of gamers and designers focused on ergonomic design. Led by Phillip Brand, Team Satisfye hails from all around the globe and brings a wealth of experience and talent to making your gaming experience the best it can be. We are problem solvers who seek out the rough edges in gaming experiences. Our solutions help you dive deeper into gameplay with more precise control and superior ergonomics.

We focus on delivering premium-grade gaming accessories that will stand the test of time. We are proud of our customer support team, making sure that every single customer is fully satisfyed with their experience with our products.

Time to RYZE

We have announced the Satisfye RYZE thumbpad line, now available for pre-order here at www.satisfye.com online. Thumbsticks and thumb positioning is often an awkward pairing. Constant movement during gameplay creates tension and pressure resulting in soreness and fatigue. The RYZE pads offer improved ergonomics, and with our complete RYZE pad set you can customize your controller around your games and style of play.

The RYZE Swivel Pad rotates freely, eliminating resistance against your thumb as you move the stick through its range of motion.

The RYZE Notch pad creates a groove where your thumb naturally arches down on the right thumbstick relieving pressure against the edge of your thumb for a better interface.

The RYZE Wave pad has a natural, organic shape that can be used on either the left or right controller. By placing your thumb in the valley you can really get precise motion, it's great for shooters and gameplay where you want 100% control.

Connect with Us

If you want to reach out, email support@satisfye.com with any inquiries. Thanks for your support.

Team Satisfye